Local Target#

The local target writes the output of a mapping into some local files.


    kind: local
    mapping: some_mapping
    format: "csv"
    filename: "${export_file}"
    delimiter: ","
    quote: "\""
    escape: "\\"
    header: "true"


  • kind (mandatory) (string): local

  • description (optional) (type: string): Optional descriptive text of the build target

  • mapping (mandatory) (string): Specifies the name of the input mapping to be counted

  • filename (mandatory) (string):

  • encoding (optional) (string) (default: “UTF-8”):

  • header (optional) (boolean) (default: true):

  • newline (optional) (string) (default: “\n”):

  • delimiter (optional) (string) (default: “,”):

  • quote (optional) (string) (default: “””):

  • escape (optional) (string) (default: “"):

  • columns (optional) (list) (default: []):

Supported Execution Phases#

  • BUILD - build the target files containing records

  • VERIFY - verifies that the target file exists

  • TRUNCATE - removes the target file

  • DESTROY - removes the target file, equivalent to TRUNCATE

Read more about execution phases.

Provided Metrics#

The relation target also provides some metric containing the number of records written:

  • Metric target_records with the following set of attributes

    • name - The name of the target

    • category - Always set to target

    • kind - Always set to local

    • namespace - Name of the namespace (typically default)

    • project - Name of the project

    • version - Version of the project

See Execution Metrics for more information how to use these metrics.