Measure Target

The measure target will perform some measurements which then are provided as execution metrics. These measurements are used to assess data quality. The measures to be taken are specified as measure instances.


    kind: measure
        kind: sql
        query: "
            COUNT(*) AS record_count 
            SUM(column IS NULL)  AS column_sum
          FROM some_mapping"

This example will provide two metrics, record_count and column_sum, which then can be sent to a metric sink configured in the namespace.

Provided Metrics

All metrics defined as named columns are exported with the following labels: - name - The name of the measure (i.e. record_stats above) - category - Always set to measure - kind - Always set to sql - namespace - Name of the namespace (typically default) - project - Name of the project - version - Version of the project

Supported Execution Phases

  • VERIFY - The evaluation of all measures will only be performed in the VERIFY phase

Read more about execution phases.