Document Target#

The document (or equivalently documentation) target is used to build a documentation of the current project. You can find more details about that feature in the documentation section. You can either generate the project documentation via flowexec documentation generate, or you also generate the documentation via this special target, which will be executed as part of the VERIFY phase (after the BUILD phase has finished).


    kind: documentation
      # Collect documentation of relations
      - kind: relations
      # Collect documentation of mappings
      - kind: mappings
      # Collect documentation of build targets
      - kind: targets
      # Execute all tests
      - kind: tests
      # Create an output file in the project directory
      - kind: file
        location: ${project.basedir}/generated-documentation
        template: html
          # You can either specify a name (without the project)
          - "stations_raw"
          # Or can also explicitly specify a name with the project
          - ".*/measurements_raw"


  • kind (mandatory) (type: string): documentation or document

  • description (optional) (type: string): Optional descriptive text of the build target

  • collectors (optional) (type: list:collector): List of documentation collectors

  • generators (optional) (type: list:generator): List of documentation generators


When no explicit configuration is provided via generators or collectors, then Flowman will use the documentation configuration provided in documentation.yml. If that file does not exist, Flowman will fall back to some default configuration, which creates an HTML based documentation in a subdirectory generated-documentation within the projects base directory.

Supported Execution Phases#

  • VERIFY - This will generate the documentation

Read more about execution phases.

Dirty Condition#

A document target is always dirty, thereby overwriting any existing documentation with the newest information.