Prometheus Metric Sink#

The prometheus metric sink allows you to publish collected metrics to a Prometheus push gateway. This then can be scraped by a Prometheus server.


The following example configures a prometheus sink in a namespace. You would need to include this snippet for example in the default-namespace.yml in the Flowman configuration directory

  # Also add console metric sink (this is optional, but recommended)  
  - kind: console  
  # Now configure the Prometheus metric sink 
  - kind: prometheus
    url: $System.getenv('URL_PROMETHEUS_PUSHGW', '')
      job: flowman-aggregation
      instance: default
      namespace: ${namespace}


  • kind (mandatory) (string): prometheus

  • url (mandatory) (string): Specifies the URL of the Prometheus push gateway

  • labels (optional) (map): Specifies an additional set of labels to be pushed to Prometheus. This set of labels will determine the path in Prometheus push gateway, under which all metrics will be atomically published.