Historize Mapping#

The historize mapping creates a historized output for entities by adding new columns containing the valid time range. The column names are specified via validFromColumn and validToColumn.


    kind: historize
    input: card
    keyColumns: id
    timeColumn: ts
    validFromColumn: valid_from
    validToColumn: valid_until
    columnInsertPosition: beginning


  • kind (mandatory) (type: string): historize

  • broadcast (optional) (type: boolean) (default: false): Hint for broadcasting the result of this mapping for map-side joins.

  • cache (optional) (type: string) (default: NONE): Cache mode for the results of this mapping. Supported values are

    • NONE






  • input (mandatory) (type: string): Specifies the name of the input mapping to be historized.

  • keyColumns (mandatory) (type: string): Specifies the columns that make up the primary key of the entities to be historized.

  • timeColumn (mandatory) (type: string): Specifies the name of the input column which contains the date and/or time. The value of this column will be provided in the historized output in the validFromColumn and validToColumn.

  • validFromColumn (mandatory) (type: string) *(default: valid_from): Name of the output column where the start date should be recorded to.

  • validToColumn (mandatory) (type: string) *(default: valid_to): Name of the output column where the end date should be recorded to.

  • filter (optional) (type: string) (default: empty): An optional SQL filter expression that is applied after the transformation itself.


  • main - the only output of the mapping