Target Commands#

It is also possible to perform actions on individual targets using the target command group. In most cases this is inferior to using one of the job commands, since typical jobs will also define appropriate environment variables which might be required by targets.

list - List all Targets#

In order to retrieve all defined execution targets, run the following command

flowexec target list

validate|create|build|verify|truncate|destroy - Execute Target phase#

This set of commands is used for executing a target phase, or a complete lifecycle containing multiple individual phases.

flowexec target <validate|create|build|verify|truncate|destroy> <target_name>

This will execute an individual target by executing the desired lifecycle for the main job. Additional parameters are

  • -h displays help

  • -f or --force force execution of the project, even if the output targets already exist.

  • -nl or --no-lifecycle only execute the specified lifecycle phase, without all preceding phases. For example the whole lifecycle for verify includes the phases create and build and these phases would be executed before verify. If this is not what you want, then use the option -nl

inspect - Retrieving General Information#

The target inspect commands provides some general information on an individual target, for example the active execution phases and the resource dependencies.

flowexec -f ../examples/weather/ target inspect metrics