Flowman Tutorial#

Welcome to this tutorial for developing data transformation applications with Flowman. In a sequence of multiple lessons, you will start learning the basic concepts of Flowman and later get known to more advanced features of Flowman. All lessons will use a subset of a publicly available data set about weather data. This data is taken from Global Hourly - Integrated Surface Database (ISD).

You will find the source code of this tutorial on GitHub


The simplest way to follow the tutorial is to use the provided docker-compose.yml which will start a Docker container containing Flowman with all lessons mounted as a volume.

Start MS SQL Server#

For some lessons, you will need an MS SQL Server. This is provided as a simple docker container and can be started as follows:

docker-compose up -d sqlserver

Start Flowman Container#

Once the MS SQL Server is up, you need to start the Flowman container, which will mount all lessons in a volume under /home/flowman/lessons. All README.md files assume that you changed into the directory /home/flowman.

docker-compose run --rm flowman bash

cd /home/flowman