PostgreSQL Plugin#

The PostgreSQL plugin mainly provides a JDBC driver to access PostgreSQL databases via the JDBC relation


The plugin can be easily activated by adding the following section to the default-namespace.yml

  - flowman-postgresql 


In order to connect to a PostgreSQL database, you need to specify a JDBC connection and use that one in a JDBC relation as follows:

# First specify a connection. This can be used by multiple JDBC relations
    kind: jdbc
    driver: "org.postgresql.Driver"
    url: "jdbc:postgresql://"
    username: "my_username"
    password: "secret!password"

    kind: jdbcTable
    # Specify the name of the connection to use
    connection: frontend
    # Specify schema
    database: "frontend"
    # Specify the table
    table: "users"

Data Types#

Flowman will map its built in data types to the following data types in MariaDB

Flowman/Spark Datatype MariaDB Datatype
string, text TEXT
binary BYTEA
tinyint, byte BYTE
smallint, short SMALLINT
int, integer INTEGER
bigint, long BIGINT
boolean, bool BOOLEAN
float FLOAT4
double FLOAT8
decimal(a,b) NUMERIC(a,b)
varchar(n) VARCHAR(n)
char(n) CHAR(n)
date DATE
timestamp TIMESTAMP
duration unsupported