Swagger Schema#

The Swagger schema refers to a schema in the Swagger format.


This schema type is provided as part of the flowman-swagger plugin, which needs to be enabled in your namespace.yml file. See namespace documentation for more information for configuring plugins.


kind: swagger
file: "${project.basedir}/test/data/results/${relation}/schema.json"
entity: CardEvent
nullable: true


  • kind (mandatory) (type: string): swagger

  • entity (mandatory) (type: string): Specifies the entity in the Swagger schema to be used

  • file (optional) (type: string): Specifies the path of a schema file.

  • url (optional) (type: string): Specifies the URL of a schema.

  • spec (optional) (type: string): Specifies the schema itself as an embedded string

  • nullable (optional) (type: boolean) (default: false): If set to true, then all fields will be marked as nullable even if the Swagger definition marks them as required

Note that you can only use one of file, url or spec.