Hive Database Target#

The Hive database target is used for managing a Hive database. In many cases, an empty Hive database will be provided by the operations team to you, then this target is not needed. If this is not the case, you can also manage the lifecycle of a whole Hive database using this target.


    kind: hiveDatabase
    database: "my_database"


  • kind (mandatory) (type: string): hiveDatabase

  • description (optional) (type: string): Optional descriptive text of the build target

  • database (mandatory) (type: string): Name of the Hive database to be created

Supported Execution Phases#

  • CREATE - Ensures that the specified Hive database exists and creates one if it is not found

  • VERIFY - Verifies that the specified Hive database exists

  • DESTROY - Drops the Hive database

Read more about execution phases.